Eco Tourismo is a Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE). Its members are mainly athletes, trainers, but also professionals in the field of sports, outdoor activities and tourism.


Paragliding Pilot, Technical Supervisor

From a young age he has been involved in various outdoor sports such as mountain biking, kayaking, and climbing. In recent years, paragliding “won” him.

From 2006 he participated as a technical manager in various events such as Athens Super Cross, Rally Acropolis, Pic Patras, Six Days Enduro etc. with the Lamarco company.

For 4 years he was a partner of Nikos Sarganis in the conduct of 5X5 street soccer, organizing the tournament for the homeless as well as the street soccer road trip in collaboration with municipalities and schools throughout Greece.

As an aeronautical engineer graduate, he participated in the construction of ultralight flying devices, even owning one that he flies at the Florina Aeroclub.

Since 2009, he started paragliding professionally. He has been working for several years with the OVNI Escola de Parapente based in Florianopolis, Brazil, from which he graduated, as well as with various foreign and Greek schools.

In 2018 he founded Eco Tourismo with which he participates in various events such as Prespathlon and Prespa off road trip.



Climbing supervisor, Teambuilding Event & Children Activities

His engagement with nature beguns back in 1980 by hiking in many mountains throughout Greece. 30 years ago, he started rock climbing, having climbed many mountains in Greece and abroad.

He was one of the first athletes in climbing competitions in Greece, earning the 3rd place in the national championship. Later he was a technical representative and judge of climbing competitions in many competitions of the national championship, as well as in the European cup of bouldering competitions in 2004 in Konitsa.

In 1996 he was named assistant mountaineering & climbing instructor of the Hellenic Mountaineering & Climbing Federation. As an instructor, he has taken part in many climbing schools of mountaineering clubs while he has been involved in canyoning and rafting as a guide.

Since 2000, he has been professionally engaged in outdoor leisure activities after working for large companies in Greece (Outdoor–No Limits) but also as a rock climbing instructor on a cruise ship in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean (European Vision–Festival Cruises). During this time, he gained experience in the planning and implementation of excursions and outdoor activities as well as in the organization and implementation of teambuilding.

He gained special experience in outdoor activities for children because of his involvement with children’s camps and summer camps as well as many excursions for children.

Recently, with Eco Tourismo, he became involved, as a member of the organizing team, in the organization of the first cross-country mountain triathlon event held in Greece, the PRESPATHLON.


Responsible for local history and musical tradition, tracker, Mountaineer, off road guide

As a native and permanent resident of the area, he started his engagement with nature from a very young age.

In 1985 and for four years he was engaged in winter cross-country skiing with participation in various Panhellenic competitions.

In 1991 he studied fish farming – fishing at the TEI of Messolonghi, completing his practical training at the fish farm of Agistro Serres.

From the age of 6 until now he has been involved in the local traditional music of the region (brass). Member of the philharmonic band of the municipality of Florina from 1985 until today.

He has been cycling professionally since 2010.

As a professional in the field of outdoor activities, he started 2018 with Eco Tourismo participating in events such as Prespa off road 4X4 and PRESPATHLON.



Mountain Bike – Guide for multi-day bike crossings

He has been involved in outdoor activities for 30 years.

He has shown activity in the competitive pursuit of Mountain Bike and mountain running, taking part in many races in Greece and abroad with success.

  • 1st place in an international adventure race (bike, run, orienteering, kayak) in an international race in Bulgaria
  • 1st place twice in Bike Odyssey, the most difficult cycling race in Greece with a total distance of 680Km and 21,000m of altitude difference.
  • 1st place in the classic Olympus marathon in 2005
  • 1st place in most adventure races in Greece (Reno Experience, Pindos crossing, etc.)
  • He has cycled across many countries

At the same time, he was involved in routes for many competitions, such as the “Evathlos”.

He has been engaged as a Rafting guide.

He volunteers with Eco Tourismo, offering his knowledge and experience in the organization of our activities.