Effective date: From June 2019

The protection of your personal data is important to us!


This Privacy Policy applies to ecotourismo.gr, which is owned and managed by the company called “ECO TOURISMO SOCIAL COOPERATIVE SOCIETY AND SOCIAL BENEFIT COMPANY” which is based in Florina (LAIMOS 0, 53077 AG GERMANOS).

This Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use information as well as payment security that includes personal data that you provide on our website: ecotourismo.gr.

It also describes the choices you have regarding the use of your personal data and how you can view and update that data.


  1. What is Personal Data?

The term “personal data” refers to information of natural persons, such as name, postal address, e-mail address, contact telephone number, etc., which identify or can identify you, hereinafter “Personal Data or Data”.


  1. What is Personal Data Processing?

Any act or series of acts carried out with or without the use of automated means, on personal data or sets of personal data, such as the collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, information retrieval, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or any other form of disposal, association or combination, restriction, deletion, or destruction.


  1. Is it mandatory to provide your Personal Data?

The provision of Data to our website may be necessary to achieve the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy or may be optional.

The mandatory or optional nature of the provision of Data is indicated by an asterisk (*) next to mandatory personal data.

If you refuse to provide the information marked as mandatory on the Websites, it will be impossible to achieve the main purpose for which the specific Data is collected, and it may, for example, make it impossible for the Company to fulfill the reservation or provide the other services available on its website.

The provision of additional Data to the Company, i.e. the provision of additional Data to the Company, beyond those marked as mandatory, is optional and does not have consequences regarding the main purposes of Data collection, since its provision serves exclusively to optimize the quality of the services provided by us services.among those marked as mandatory, is optional and does not have consequences regarding the main purposes of Data collection, since their provision serves exclusively to optimize the quality of the services provided by us.


4. Collection of your personal data.

What Personal Data we collect about you:

We take care to collect only your absolutely necessary Personal Data, which is appropriate and clear for the intended purpose.

This Data includes the following:


  1. Data you provide to us during your registration and user account creation such as: first name, last name, electronic address (email), telephone number, home address.
  2. Data and information you provide to us through transactions between us (reservations, orders, etc.)
  3. Data you provide us when you subscribe to our newsletter.
  4. Data you provide to us when an activity or a product or a page or a post from our blog is commented on.


  1. Purpose of your personal data

We use your personal data for the following purposes:

Reservations: we use your personal data to complete and provide your online reservation for our activities.

Customer service: we use personal data to provide customer service.

Customer feedback: we may use your contact information to send you an email invitation to submit feedback after completing the activity you selected. So, in this way you can help others choose the activity that suits them best. If you submit a comment, your comment will be posted on our website.

Marketing actions (newsletter): we may also use your data for marketing actions as permitted by law. Where we use your personal information for direct marketing purposes, such as promotional newsletters and promotional communications for new products and services or other offers we believe may be of interest to you, we include an unsubscribe link which you can use if you no longer wish to you receive such messages from us in the future.

Other communications: there may be times when we contact you by email, post, phone or text message, depending on the contact information you have shared with us. This can be done for a number of reasons:

  1. We may need to respond to and manage requests made by you.
  2. If you have not completed your booking online, we may send you a reminder email to continue your booking. We believe that this additional service is useful as it allows you to continue your booking without having to search for the activity again or fill in all your booking details from the beginning.
  3. When you use our services, we may send you a questionnaire or invite you to write comments about your experience of our website. We believe that this additional service is useful for both you and us since based on your comments we will be able to improve our website.


  1. Security of transactions and personal data

For the security of your personal data our website ecotourismo.gr uses a valid SSL certificate (SecureSocketsLayer) and all your personal information is encrypted with TLS1.2 encryption protocol or newer.

In this way, all data provided is encrypted so that it cannot be decrypted or changed in transit over the Internet.


  1. Payments

All payments are made using your debit/credit card or e-wallet through Viva Payments’ secure platform that guarantees 100% transaction security.

The customer/user is solely responsible for the correct recording and truthfulness of their card details and the company bears no responsibility in the event of an error.

The prices are final and include the statutory VAT.




Our system does not store or interact with your card details.

Your payment is redirected through Viva Payments which is an Electronic Money Issuing Institution licensed by the Bank of Greece. The same basic principles of confidentiality and privacy that govern banking apply equally to Viva Payments.


Viva Payments Terms of Use HERE

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