Civil War footprints


In 1949, the last act of the tragic civil war that divided Greece, took part out in Prespa area. The tracks of the DSE guerrillas in the area are still visible.

In this excursion, we follow these footsteps starting from Mikrolimni, from the point where the boats used to take the wounded from the battles, to the other side of the lake, to the hospital of the guerillas. With the kayaks we will cross the lake to the opposite side, a distance of about 2.5 km, where the ruins of Daseri village are located.

From there, we will follow the lakeside path to the quiest and most peaceful area of Minor Prespa. This path ends at the ruins of another village of Agathoto. From here we will continue on a forest road going uphill to reach at about 1.5 km, the cave of Dr. Kokkalis, where the guerillas hospital was located in the last phase of the Civil War. The shaped cave could treat about 200 wounded!

After taking a break there, we continue uphill for the next 2.5 km, to reach the village of Vrontero, very close to the border with Albania. Vrontero is the only village in the area that does not face the Prespes.

Then it will continue by bike! At the beginning we descend via the asphalt road and then on a dirt road that leads us to the wildest and most isolated area of ​​Prespa, along the bank of the great Prespa and with a view to Triethnes, the point where the borders of 3 countries meet.

We move to the foot of the Devas hill, on the top of which there are still the guerilla’s fortifications, while outside the village of Pyli, where was the guerillas headquarter, is the Zachariadis cave where the leader of the rebels lived.

The cycling route will take us to the beautiful fishing village of Psarades, the last escape point of the guerillas escaped to the other countries. The total distance from Vrontero is approximately 15 km.


Minimum participants 4 persons
The price includes
VAT 24%

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