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Civil War footprints

In 1949, the last act of the tragic civil war that divided Greece, took part out in Prespa area. The tracks of the DSE guerrillas in the area are still visible.

In this excursion, we follow these footsteps to visit the Kokkali cave, near the village of Vrodero and the Zachariadis cave, outside the village of Pyli, where HQ was located.

Our tour starts by mountain bikes from Vrontero village, down to the banks of the minor Prespa (30′), at the place where the village of Agathoto, now extinct, was located. In the middle of this route, is the cave of doctor Kokkalis, the DSE hospital.

On the banks of the minor Prespa, we leave the bikes to follow, on foot, the lakeside path that will lead us to the core of the Prespa National Park. The easy route (6 km) moves parallel to the banks of the lake, offering enchanting images to the visitor, in a landscape of absolute tranquility and peace. After about 2.5 hours we reach the site of another village, Daseri, where few ruins testify to its existence in the past.

From there, by mountain bikes, we will follow an easy rural road (5 km) and in 30′ we will reach, outside the village of Pyli, the cave of Zachariadis, the leader of the guerrillas.

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