3-Days Prespes National Park

The price is depending on your requirements.

This trip is a challenging opportunity to truly connect with the traditional Greek culture, history and breathtaking scenery as it invites you to explore the secret paths of Prespes National Park area, through outdoor activities like hiking, birdwatching & canoeing.

The land of birds and fairies 3-Days trip

Arrive at Prespes Lake National Park – Briefing
Afternoon: Visit Agios Achillios island at Mikri Prespa, the core of the Prespa Lake
National Park, where we will have the change for bird watching.
We will hike at the small island of Agios Achillios. The island is situated in the heart of Mikri Prespa lake and can be reached on foot by a long floating bridge.
During the hike, we will visit the ruins of the Basilica church, built in 10th century and it’s the most important archaeological site in Prespes.
Activity total time: 1,5 – 2h aprox.  Difficulty: Easy


Morning: Canoeing at Megali Prespa Lake for Birdwatching. During this coastal ride we will reach the borders of North Macedonia and we will have the opportunity (depends on the season) for birdwatching.

In summertime we can also enjoy swimmming to the lake.

Activity total time: 2 – 3h aprox.   Difficulty: Moderate

Afternoon: Hiking to the Roti cape, the northern point of Megali Prespa Lake, where the view to the lake is breathtaking.

Activity total time: 1,5 – 2h  Difficulty: Easy



Transfer to picturesque village Mikrolimni.

Canoeing at Mikri Prespa Lake, around the small rocky island Vidronisi, which is full of bird nests. It is one of the most restricted areas of the National Park, where it’s not allowed to reach closer than 100m.

Activity total time: 1,5 – 2h  Difficulty: Moderate

The price is depending on your requirements.

Minimum Participants: 4 persons
The price does not includes: Accommodation, meals, transfer & local transfers
The price includes: All outdoor activities mentioned above, VAT 24%

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