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Hiking from Antartiko to Mikrolimni

Antartiko is a village in the wider area of ​​the Municipality of Prespa. It is of unique interest, as it is entirely mud-brick made and as an old capital village, it has stately houses, distinguished by their remarkable Macedonian architecture. In the past Antartiko community functioned as a trading center and a rest stop for merchants.

It is built next to Ladopotamos river, a tributary of Aliakmonas river and lying between Mt. Varnoundas and Mt. Triklarion.

Just outside the village there is a path that climbs up the slopes of Mt. Triklario and in many parts it follows one of the numerous “French roads” that were built during the 1st World War by the French “Army of the East”. The route moves either through paths or through forest roads to reach its highest point with a panoramic view of the small Prespa and from there to descend to Oxya village and then to the picturesque fishing village next to the banks of the small Prespa, Mikrolimni.

From there, we will take you back to Antartiko.

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