4 days around Prespes National Park

The price is depending on your requirements.

In 4 days action-packed we tour at the Prespes National Park in an environment of unique natural beauty.



Meeting at Ecotourismo base in the village of Laimos from where we start with the mountain bikes and following a dirt road, we head towards the border with North Macedonia. From there, we will continue past the famous bean fields of Prespa and on a dirt road next to the lakeside forest of the Great Prespa. We will end up on the shores of the lake, where we will start with the kayaks towards the picturesque fishing village of Psarades.

Mountain Bike: 10Km

Kayak: 7Km

Overnight at Psarades.


Exciting escape to the most remote side of the Great Prespa. At the beginning on mountain bikes and then on foot, we will follow beautiful paths and visit the hermitage of Metamorfosis of Sotiros and Cape Roti, which is the northernmost point on the greek side, with a panoramic view of the entire Great Prespa Lake and the Triethnes, the point where the borders of the 3 countries meet.

Then we will climb at the rocks next to the lake!

Introduction to the vertical world of climbing at a magnificent landscape on the banks of Great Prespa.

The climbing routes on the rock give the option for easy but also more demanding climbing.

All you need to bring with you are sports shoes or hiking boots and a lot of spirit for adventure.

We will take care of everything else. The climbing equipment (belts, ropes, etc.) that we provide you meets all the prescribed specifications. Specialized mountaineering and climbing instructors take care of your safety.

We continue with the mountain bikes on a dirt road that runs parallel to the banks of the Great Prespa. The view along the route are stunning.

After about 15 km, we will reach the village of Vrontero, where we will spend the night.

Hiking: 2h

Mountain Bike: 15Km

Overnight at Vrontero.


In 1949, the last act of the tragic civil war that divided Greece, took part out in Prespa area. The tracks of the DSE guerrillas in the area are still visible.

In this excursion, we follow these footsteps to visit the Kokkali cave, near the village of Vrodero and the Zachariadis cave, outside the village of Pyli, where HQ was located.

Our tour starts by mountain bikes from Vrontero village, down to the banks of the minor Prespa (30′), at the place where the village of Agathoto, now extinct, was located. In the middle of this route, is the cave of doctor Kokkalis, the DSE hospital.

On the banks of the minor Prespa, we leave the bikes to follow, on foot, the lakeside path that will lead us to the core of the Prespa National Park. The easy route (6 km) moves parallel to the banks of the lake, offering enchanting images to the visitor, in a landscape of absolute tranquility and peace. After about 2.5 hours we reach the site of another village, Daseri, where few ruins testify to its existence in the past.

From there, on mountain bikes, we will follow an easy rural road (5 km) and in 30′ we will reach the village of Pyli and from there to our final destination, the banks of Minor Prespa where we will leave the bicycles to cross the floating footbridge (600m) that leads us to the islet of Agios Achillios.

Agios Achillios is a small island in the heart of the Prespa National Park in minor Prespa lake. It is connected to the mainland via a 600m long floating footbridge. Hiking around the island, we will admire the incomparable natural beauty, we will visit the ruins of the Royal church built by Samuel II, the “Tsar of the Bulgarians”, the 10 Chapels that are scattered and we will learn about the ancient city of Lyka and the myth of the island.

Mountain bike: 15Km

Hiking: 2,5h

Overnight at Agios Achillios.


We start with the kayaks and head south to Vidronisi, a small rocky islet at the core of the Prespa National Park, where it is full of nests of various birds. Its importance, in this sensitive ecosystem, is very great, which is why human presence on the island is strictly prohibited.

From a safe distance we can observe and photograph the birds of the area, before continuing our journey to Mikrolimni, a small fishing village on the south side of Minor Prespa.

We will continue on mountain bikes, on a dirt road that moves mainly near the shores of the lake, to end up at the point where we started our adventure, in Laimos.

Kayak: 6Km

Mountain bike: 14Km

The price is depending on your requirements.

Minimum participants: 4 person
The price does not include: Accommodation, meals, transfer
The price includes: All the outdoor activities mentioned above, VAT 24%


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